"This is a dream..."

"I know because I have not once seen trees, birds, or mountains in my life.  I only know the innumerable monuments to urbanization and excess. I could travel for hundreds of miles and I would still see the same towering sky-rises and gaudy neon lights."

A short cyberpunk visual novel set in a near, dystopian future. Made in one week for the 5th Board Pixels Jam


  • 1st in Relevance to Theme
  • 1st in Creativity 
  • 1st in Visual Experience
  • 1st in Audio Experience
  • Overall Winner!

[If you're wondering what to do when you launch the Inferno Protocol, when you see PC_HaedonsMessage, click on it and type your message. Instructions should appear afterwards. Apologizes!]

Created By Seere

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Your World, 50 Years From Now OST + Artemis OS Wallpaper 27 MB

Development log


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I really enjoyed this! It really hits the cyberpunk aesthetic on the head.

Is your website intentionally blank or is there an obscure arg I must delve into to discover the password?

Thank you!

It's currently under construction. Sorry to disappoint you lol. 

Just letting you know I updated the site so that it's accessible now. Not much really interesting on there yet though. 


I am a sucker for good pixel art, this looks amazing. Wish it was longer, but alot of game jam games I've seen on other sites are pretty short.

Hope to see more or an expansion on this game

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This was an absolutely incredible experience. The pixel art is amazing, and the music was perfect too. Everything really helped to set the tone of the game, and I was immediately sucked into the dystopian future. I was a little confused about the message part, and I was panicked from the police, so I ended up with "F*ck. Type Message and Press [Enter]" (The instructions were still there - maybe a bug?) Overall, this game is amazing. The art, music, animations, story; everything perfectly fit the theme and created an atmosphere. I felt very emotionally involved in the character(s) even though I was just introduced, and when the police came I felt a bit of panic and hopelessness. This is really amazing! Great job :)


Thank you so much for your detailed review! It means so much. 

It is true that it is a bug, for some reason the placeholder text doesn't automatically go away when you start typing. But you can backspace and delete it all, sorry about that! 


Such a cool game with a nice concept! This game really got me thinking about the future and what will happen to our nature. The art style in the game was beautiful and the ominous music really created a great atmosphere. Overall a very enjoyable game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thank you for your feedback, and the suggestion. I will definitely check it out.

Great! :D

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good game

Thank you!


Good pixel art, great music, and very interesting and politically charged story. Transitions from scene to scene are a bit too long and I encountered a glitch where if you press the left and right at the same time during the walking section the player sprite will flip upside down. Good experience none the less. 

I'm going to be releasing a patch after the voting period to fix most of these issues.


wow man! how?! Awesome!!

Thank you!


Art? Beautiful. Story? Intriguing and went with the theme greatly. Music? Awesome.

Bless this game.

Thank you for the kind words! It means a lot.


You did very well babe, proud of you.


Great little game, good artwork and music, but it's disappointing that theres no sound outside of music.

Yeah, sorry about that! I was cutting it super close so I couldn't implement the sounds in times.